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Well Fed

A curated conversation dinner 

"I am walking away with magic in my fingertips"

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Well Fed is a simple concept – strangers come together to share a meal, enriched conversations and take a creative action back into the world. Each event offers a chance for people to connect in intimate ways with others they would not normally meet.


Expertly facilitated, each event is an opportunity to practise the art of listening and sharing. Participants experience how each conversation holds the potential for personal and collective transformation. 

Well Fed allows people to explore expansive ideas and artistic play through a conversation menu designed to incite thoughtful exchanges. The event concludes with each participant creating a creative memory of the event and taking that back into the world to share with others.  

Well Fed has been commissioned by BAM in New York, H Club in London, Clore Leadership  and Appetite Stoke.


Well Fed Thanksgiving

Appetite, Newcastle Under Lyme


We've each been challenged during the  pandemic. The global health crises has bound us together in ways we couldn't have imagined. We wouldn't have made it this far without the care and support of the people in our cities, our neighbourhoods, our friends, our  families, ourselves and also our planet.   


The Space To Come partnered with the aptly named Appetite to host a series of Well Fed: Thanksgiving meals for the people of Newcastle-Under-Lyme and as part of Luke Jerram's Gaia installation. Well Fed Thanksgiving offered an opportunity for friends, neighbours and strangers to share food rituals, conversation and reflect on who we'd like to honour and the gifts that our planet offers.


Gaylene Gould and artist Alice Thatcher collaborated to host series of curated conversation meals during which participants reflected, shared and created a ceramic vessel in honour of the planet

Menu artwork by @nina__bombina

- On Now -

Well Fed
The Edible Front Line

Brilliant Routes Clore Leadership 

July 1, 2 and 8th 2021

This special Well Fed experience brings Black, Asian and ethnically diverse cultural leaders and white cultural leaders together for transformative conversations around race, identity and change and to build networks across boundaries.

The experience will prepare leaders for the robust and expansive conversations needed to sustain cultural change by creating an environment designed for new conversations and co-supportive relationships. Two unique workshops will prepare eight Black, Asian and ethnically diverse and eight white leaders to hold the space for the conversation and to co-curate a conversation menu.


The main event will be a joint at-home dinner set around the conversation menu, where leaders get a chance to meet, connect and explore change together.

More information here

Super Health Food

Well Fed
Living Toni

BAM, New York

22 Feb 2020

For the anniversary of writer Toni Morrison's death,  BAM , New York commissioned The Space to Come to produce a special Well Fed in honour of Toni's life and work. 

Well Fed Living Toni was held as a connecting event for leading Black women working across arts and culture in New York. The event included a special private dinner and a curated menu, designed by Abi Wright Design,  inviting participants to share aspects of their lives based on Toni Morrison's own and that of her characters.  

Over three courses, participants reflected on their coming of age, experiences of freedom and life practices. Each course was punctuated by participants reading passages from Toni Morrison's work.  

"I so enjoyed Well Fed, and meeting each of you.  What a fabulous evening with remarkably creative women! The opportunity to share the company and space with you all last Saturday was an inspiring night to remember." Michelle Talibah, New Door Creative

"What an incredible evening! Thank you for curating such an intimate, safe and thoughtful space for us to share and connect. I need more Saturday’s like that in my life!"  Kristina Newman-Scott, President, BRIC

"It was an absolute honour to spend the evening with you all.  The generated energy and positivity has carried me through the week and I am so thankful." Opeyemi Olukemi, Eecutive Producer, POV Spark

Well Fed
The New Romantic

H Club, London

Feb 2019

For Valentines day, Well Fed playfully explored ideas of  romance with the help of writer and life-long romantic Bernadette Russell

The event offered a chance for participants to reflect on the poetic view of romance as an opportunity to explore wonder, mystery and magic. The event began with Gaylene in conversation with Bernadette around her book The Little Book of Wonder and Bernadette shared her life's ethos of looking for everyday magic everywhere. Afterwards strangers and friends, explored the everyday magic in their own lives culminating in each creating an anonymous gift which they left for strangers on the streets of London. 

"A beautiful space for conversation...gave space to open the imagination."

"I loved the evening. It was truly nourishing, joyful and very refreshing."

"This has been a truly magical time and perfect on this particular night. Great company and great connections."

"Breaking conversational patterns was an inspired move. I was enriched and felt blessed to be part of this evening. I'm walking away with magic in my fingertips."

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