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Gaylene Gould is a multidisciplinary artist who creates works that unearth buried stories in places, people and cultures especially those that exist on the margins. Her works are research-led and often participatory, making room for multiple voices alongside her own. She is drawn to public, accessible spaces. She has landed an audio-visual spaceship in public space to collect memories, invited people to talk to themselves on the street and is currently creating a pop-up touring healing well inspired by an ancient well run by a mysterious 17th Century Black woman wellkeeper. Her digital collage artworks blend found and personal images to create new speculative landscapes and symbols.

She has been commissioned by the Tate, V&A, Clore Leadership, Selfridges, Durham University, Moderna Museet Sweden and BAM amongst others and is an award-winning fiction writer and broadcaster. She has created radio documentaries  for BBC Radio 4 including  Transcendence How Can I Feel Art Again . She is also host of Serpentine podcast series  Reworlding and Intimacies that explore radical ways to transform our relationship with the world, each other and ourselves.

Studio Gaylene Gould

Gaylene’s larger scale projects would not be possible without a range of extraordinary teams, associates and communities and collaborators especially key collaborator Zaynab Bunsie.


Zaynab Bunsie, Producer

Zaynab Bunsie brings a wide range of producing experience from participatory experiences to live art installations and a great deal of heart to the projects. Zaynab  is also a practising Counsellor. 

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