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The Space To Come creates space for compassionately connected citizens 

The Space To Come is a collaborative lab led by Founder and Creative Director Gaylene Gould that tests ways to build a new world for compassionately connected citizens. We bring together caring artists, creatives, thinkers and the public to create new imaginative experiences and products that help people better connect to themselves, each other and the world. Then we live test them in real world places. We share our research and ideas through broadcast, talks and publications.

Our accessible and invitingly devised projects are designed to foster more meaningful exchanges. Artistically crafted and expertly facilitated, these spaces assemble people across identities, disciplines and lived experiences to share and create stories that explore ourselves and the world afresh. 

Some of these projects are intimate - audio projects or conversational dinners. Some are more immersive.  Some support specific communities. Others explore our internal space. Some of these spaces are commissioned to respond to a communities need.  Others are dreamt up here. Always these spaces aim to be revelatory and restorative, compassionate and soulful. 


If would like to consider collaborating with us, you can find out more here. If you would like to have a conversation with us contact us at

Meet The Team

Nina Photography X Gaylene Gould-11.jpg

Gaylene Gould

Founder & Creative Director


Zaynab Bunsie

Project Manager

Multicolor Laser Light Art


Our creative sparks

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