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How Do You Feel?

Art has one job - and that is to make people feel.
How Do You Feel provides  space for the feeling

How Do You Feel is a transformative programme that helps people explore their feelings while encountering artworks. We create sensitively held spaces for a small group of participants to experience a creative work together in a restful environment and then explore their arising feelings through conversation, writing, drawing and guided reflection.



Sat 22 Apr 2023,
10 am – 12 pm

Like Förg’s own experiment, the event will allow a small group to explore ‘unlearning’ and play in their own lives through a series of facilitated mindful exercises involving movement, stillness, conversation and drawing. Inspired by phenomenology, you will have the time to notice the sensations, memories and imaginations that emerge when time is spent with the works. This playful session will leave you feeling more aware and connected to the works, each other and yourself. The bespoke experience will be facilitated by Gaylene Gould and Zaynab Bunsie.


How Do You Feel Cinema

18 June 2022
10 am – 4 pm

A partnership with University of Reading and The Space To Come, How Do You Feel Cinema is an ongoing research project led by Dr Jenny Chamarette supported by How Do You Feel "architect" Gaylene Gould.


The first event offered a viewing and feeling  experience that allowed participants to deeply engage with  artist-filmmaker Jumana Manna's Palestinian film A MAGICAL SUBSTANCE FLOWS INTO ME.  

Bringing relaxed mindful exercises together with personal and collective reflection and finally a reverse Q&A with the filmmaker where viewers shared their feeling-experience of the film with the artist.

How Do You Feel Cinema is part of an ongoing research project led by Jenny which will result in a How Do You Feel Cinema touring programme.

“I feel nurtured by the experience”

How Do You Feel Frank Bowling

14 August  2021
11 am – 9pm

Gaylene Gould worked in partnership with choreographer and "rest specialist" Raquel Meseguer-Zafe  to design a relaxed How Do You Feel takeover day for Frank Bowling's Land of Many Waters exhibition.

This day of intimate and interactive events invited visitors to explore the artist’s work using their senses, imagination and memory, whilst making new connections. The day  including intimate  Feeling Tours where participants explored their personal responses through playful prompts followed by revelatory conversations with artists, poets and colour-specialists. The day ended with deeply restful evening event hosted by Raquel and musician Jamie McCarthy who created live improvised musical responses inspired by Bowling’s own improvisatory painting techniques. 

Gaylene also designed a special Feeling Guide that offered visitors various ways that they could pay attention to their own feeling responses as they encountered the exhibition.

“I feel calm, excited, inspired and really appreciative of art in a fantastic setting."

Nina Photography X Gaylene Gould-22_edited.jpg

Transcendence: How Can I Feel Art Again?

BBC Radio  4

In this documentary,  lead artist Gaylene Gould, with the help of artists, curators, neuroscentists and family members , explores how and why art makes us feel and how to retrieve the feeling if we ever lose it.  
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