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A restorative space to revive, reconnect, restore and rediscover.

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Re-UP! is an interactive space offering people a chance to learn about and practice restorative care while finding communion with others.

The 2022-23 pilot has been designed specifically for Black, Asian and ethnically diverse cultural leaders in partnership with Clore Leadership Brilliant Routes network, Arts Council England, BFI Race Equality Network and Wellcome Collection and is based around a 6 month programme.

Re-up is a Black British saying meaning to revive and regain energy. The focus on restorative care is key after a depleting two years and for those professionals whose minoritised positions make the day-to-day job extra burdensome.


Re-UP! will help leaders prepare their whole selves for a world in dramatic flux  paying particular attention to their minds, bodies, care systems and creative souls.

Pilot Programme

Re-UP! Late

May 2022, Wellcome Collection

Re-UP! will launch with an evening late-style event that will offer participants a chance to sample a taster of the forthcoming Re-UP! Programme. This informative, experiential event will feature "Reasoning" talks, taster workshops, embodiment and creative mindful exercises and Kinship conversations in a playful pop-up environment. 

Kinship Circles

Sep 2022: Emerging Leaders

Jan 2023: Senior leaders

Mar 2023: Mid-career leaders

Kinship Circles are Action Learning and Thinking Environment sessions that give people the chance to explore their own questions with the help of the hive mind. First, a qualified facilitator will share Action Learning and Thinking Environment tools with the group, before the group has a chance to practice peer-learning exercises. 

Re-UP! Sessions

Oct 2022: Re-UP With Care

Nov 2022: Re-UP Your Mind

Feb 2023: Re-UP Your Body

These creatively structured half day events will explore three key areas. Care: Finally we can add the word care to our leadership lexicon - care for self, our teams, audiences and communities as well as care for the environment. In this session we will look at how we might best care for all of the above, starting and ending with the self. Mind: Next, we will explore how our mindsets are key to how we see the world, ourselves and each other during this time of change. We will explore ways to practice flexibility, agility and expansiveness as the world of culture, work and relationships shift and change. Body: As we move into Spring, we will actively contemplate how to grow more aware of our bodies and better manage our chemical balance and stress levels.


Re-UP! Late by Nina Photography-093.jpg

Coach, theatre-maker and joint CEO at Shubbak - Europe's largest festival of contemporary Arab arts

Annette Corbett.png

Coach specialising in supporting professionals in the creative industries

David Kam 3.jpeg

A  yoga and movement teacher with a playful empowering approach


Leading musician, composer,  writer and broadcaster


Choreographer, performer and CEO and Artistic Director of Dance Umbrella

Some Contributors

Nina Photography X Gaylene Gould-11.jpg

Artist-facilitator and Founder & Creative Director of The Space To Come

Joel Simpson.jpeg

An integrative, heart and soul led, psychotherapist


Cultural organiser, producer and artist


Sarah Kameela Impey

Actor, poet,  singer and Sound Healing facilitator

Suzanne-2 (1).jpg

Cultural Thinker and founder of Alleyne& who develops more equitable and joyful organisations

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Each Re-UP! session will be led by experienced facilitators and a range of creative contributors who will provoke thinking and offer hands-on skills. There will also be plenty of time for participants to connect with each other. The sessions will include a mix of:



A chance to hear up-close how leading creative professionals centre restorative practices in their working life and the impact.



A shared group conversation between participants instigated by ideas from leading cultural practitioners.



A practical hands-on workshop by leading facilitators will offer practical exercises which participants can continue to try practice back at work. 



Throughout the session, invited artists will guide participants through creative exercises that will allow them to explore the topic in a more intuitive way.

Session Design

Participants for the Re-UP! pilot will be Black, Asian and ethnically diverse employees  of the  Arts Council England Wellcome Collection and members of the  BFI Race Equality Network Steering Committee. Others who are interested can join the Clore Leadership Brilliant Routes network and apply through there. 

Don't worry - there’s no aptitude needed to attend this programme. We are hoping to create a space for those who most need. 

For further information contact:

Images from Re-UP! Late at Wellcome Collection

Photos by Nina Photography

Film on home page by Adenike Oke

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