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Artist-convener Gaylene Gould creates interactive experiences for people to explore a deeper relationship to themselves, each other and the world about them.

Her experiences are participatory and collaborative. They blend artforms, conversation, reflection, play and ritual to test new ways of  fostering a more compassionately connected world.

Black Mary's Hole

The Black Mary Project

Co-creating an imaginative healing sanctuary in the heart of London inspired by a fabled 17th Century healing well

"This is gold dust"

How Do You Feel?

An interactive experience to help visitors feel art. Come experience our next event for the Gunther Forg: Tupfenbilder exhibition at Hauser & Wirth, London

"I entered a space where life suspended

itself for a while."

Lisa & Lisa

Listening to Ourselves

An audio-visual project that helps us connect better with ourselves

"I am walking away with magic in my fingertips"


A Restorative

Care Experience

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