“I see storytelling as a journey to unearth and give audience to the hidden voices and characters that exist in the world and within ourselves. If telling  stories can help to claim both our imagined and real identities, then maybe it will carve more compassionate spaces in the world for difference and individuality.”

Gaylene’s passion for stories began as a child and since she then has immersed herself in the worlds of books,  film and personal storytelling. Her desire to write fiction has come to fruition over the last 10 years with her short stories being published in several anthologies including The Mechanics’s Institute 2013 ‘Review’. Her manuscript for “The Sacrifice” was the Inaugural winner of the Commonword Cultureword ‘2012 Children’s Diversity Prize’ and is being completed as her first novel.

Having read her work to audiences at The Barbican, the Southbank Story Slam as well as at Brixton Book Jam, Gaylene has a clear art for characterisation and unraveling deeply personal truths that connect with readers.

Gaylene is also a regular reviewer for Sight & Sound magazine.





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