Acting brave


It takes a dose of resilience to step out on the road to becoming an artist and an extra dose  if you are a woman. Recent reports have  revealed how unbalanced the male-female ratio is in the arts. It’s no real surprise  as I have always been struck, working in “Arts Administration”, how we women are mainly concentrated in roles that support  male artists.  As an experiment, I teamed up with the Young Vic theatre to hold a  Resilience course for female theatre directors. Twenty five of us holed up in a studio over two days and traded stories on vulnerability as a source of strength, how to personally understand power, monitoring life’s ups and downs to extract  strengths and strategies and ways of declaring  vision. A follow up session took place four months later where we practiced reflective exercises and creative experiments to develop  our personal lines of inquiry. Using techniques that artists might use to develop work, is a tenant of my practice. We can create our lives in the same way artists create pieces – with intention, experimentation and in a safe space to learn by our failures. For theatre directors, who thrive in environments of risk and beauty, it wasn’t a difficult concept to grasp.


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