Interior Dialogues


Emerging as a writer is forcing me out of my comfort zone so I have empathy for those I coach who are challenging themselves in similar ways. To help us along, I have started a series for the fantastic Writers Hub, founded by  Julia Bell at Birkbeck University. Interior Dialogues hopes to  map the internal process of writing borrowing from my coaching work and my own experience. It will look at a range of blocks, frustrations and fears and offer some ideas of how to challenge them. Even though  the focus is on the process of writing and making art, I firmly believe this act mirrors the process of living. Therefore these stories are aimed at anyone asking themselves  questions about how to consciously move forward in their own lives.  The first piece, Endings, suggests it is important to face the end before we begin. The second, El Dorado, explores how in a world where the concept of value is compromised, we could look for the intrinsic worth in our activities. Love reflects on the idea that writing and creative expression can bring us closer to a true sense of love but we must be prepared to make sacrifices for it. I am currently developing a coaching series and associated book  for later in the year. If you’re interested in finding out more email me at

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